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VDC Tet corporate gifts

Client: VDC Online Time and venue: January 2012 – Nationwide. On the occasion of the Tet 2012, VDC Online has requested Mildot Agency to design and produce their corporate gifts. The gifts included a calendar and a notebook. Most of the design job was dedicated to the inside advertising pages and the custom cover of [...]


Bac A Bank’s new corporate graphic identity

Client: Bac A Bank Time and venue: February 2012 – Nationwide. BacAbank recently changed its logo and corporate graphic identity. Mildot agency was chosen to adapt this new graphic ID to a series of stationary, banking forms, business and ID cards.


Tet design package for PETRONAS

Client: PETRONAS Time and venue: 04 February 2012 – HCMC. On the occasion of the Tet 2012, the Malaysian national oil & gas giant PETRONAS contracted Mildot agency for design & production services, in order to decorate their PETRONAS Tower in Ho Chi Minh-City and dress up their event, the “2012 Tet Gathering”, organized on [...]


Interior design for the new VDC Online data center

Client : VDC Online Timing and venue: January 2012- Hanoi. Before Tet, VDC Online wanted to set up a new Data center at their Hanoi head office in the Thang Long International Village. Mildot agency drafted the 3D sketches of the interior design and once approved, turned it to reality. With 20 years of activities, [...]


Promotional material design for VP Bank

Client : VP Bank Timing and venue: 23 & 26 December 2011- Hanoi. On the occasion of the opening events of two more transaction offices in Hanoi, Vuong Thua Vu and Khuong Dinh, in December 2011, VP Bank contracted Mildot agency to design and produce their communication material. The job included leaflets, invitations, backdrops, X-stand [...]


Video services for PETRONAS

Client: PETRONAS Time and venue: November 2011 – Hanoi, Vietnam. More and more clients ask Mildot agency to provide audio-visual services, on occasion of events but also for special purposes (check out our global work in that field on our Youtube channel). Recently, on the occasion of the gala dinner organized by Mildot to celebrate [...]


More PR for Bac A Bank

Client: BacABank Time and venue: November 2011 – Nationwide. To publicize the reinforcement of the Smartlink credit card network with 40 different brands of commercial bank, Bac A Bank decided to communicate in the printed and online press in November again. Mildot agency was asked again to run the press campaign in several printed and [...]


PETRONAS 20th anniversary in Vietnam celebration

Client: Petronas Time and venue: 23 November 2011 – Daewoo hotel, Hanoi. To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of its activities in Vietnam and partnership with Petrovietnam, the Malaysian national oil & gas giant PETRONAS organized a gala dinner at the Daewoo hotel in Hanoi, on November 23. Mildot agency was contracted to organize the [...]


The Petronas booth for the Oil and Gas exhibition

Client: Petronas Time and venue: 27 October 2011 – Giang Vo exhibition Center, Hanoi. Petronas was participating to the 9th Vietnam Oil and Gas Expo 2011, which took place at the Giang Vo exhibition Center in Hanoi from Oct. 27 to 29. The event, held every two years by the Vietnam National Oil and Gas [...]